Aseptic processing is a common necessity in todays biopharmaceutical processes. Heat is often described as the prefered method of drug product sterilization, however as destructive as it is to undesirable microbial contaminants, as destructive it commonly is to biotherapeutics. Even when reiterate by regulators, heat sterilization reaches its border of feasibility in bioprocessing. Aseptic processing is the only possible choice and should be respected as that.

A key component of aseptic processing is sterilizing membrane filtration; supported by prefilters, integrity testing and appropriate process validation activities. Membrane filters are available in a wide variety of polymers, designs and sizes. Most certainly there is no such filter, as one fits all, but modern membrane filters are specifically developed to work optimally in specific applications. Often it is the end-user's task to find such optimal filter. Bioprocess Resources LLC task is to support this venture by scanning all available filter devices and to narrow the choice to be tested within the end-users application. Furthermore, you will find a multitude of valuable details and facts within the Information section.

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