Training within biopharmaceutical processes is of utmost importance. A process can be as excellent validated as possible, nevertheless, a lack of personnel training jeopardizes any validation. The equipment end-user requires to be experienced and well trained to be able to work in validated processes.


Here a list of available training courses BioProcess Resources offers, for example:

- Basic Filtration Training (3 days)

- Sterile Filtration - Points to Consider (1 day)

- Integrity Testing I (1 day)

- Integrity Testing II (1 day)

- Sterilizing Grade Filter Validation (1 day)

- Filtration Optimization & Scaling (1 day)

- Advance Filtration Training (3 days)

- Air Filtration - Points to Consider (1 day)

If you require a different training segment within the topics listed or require further information of our training service information please contact us at

Thank you !